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Another Zbigz Premium Account Till 2018 Without Survey

We are already sharing  Zbigz Premium Account for free, Today we are going to share ...


  1. Great, great and great :)!!

  2. that’s a great service…i’m really appreciate it and thank u very much..i hope that you will provide this precious service continuously…..

  3. Thnx Alot Man . Great Work 🙂

  4. thank you alot admin
    it works like a charm
    it will die soon this last account
    to the users PLEASE dont delete a file that DONT belong to you
    its says UNLIMITED space so u can transfer your file at the same time than other


  6. very very very very thanx to this site i love this site because it solve my one problem THaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanX.

  7. thank you so much bro….

  8. Thx a lot Guys…..For the first time I am seeing a true working zbigz premium account without survey….Before this I always complete a survey but download will never unlock….So this skipping ads technique seems to be great idea how many ever times it says to….Good job admin…

  9. nice dude 🙂
    awsome work !! keep it up

  10. Can whoever is deleting files PLEASE stop?

    I have been downloading a 23GB file for the past 15+ hours and it failed to download at 82% because it was deleted from zbigz. Please, stop.

    • What wrong with you guys..
      Don’t be selfish..
      I apologize KC Fan..
      I have a suggestion for you KC Fan. Just reupload the torrent file and replace your new generated zbigz link with previous old link and start resume download.

  11. hi all

    first of thanks for providing this to all of us bro :)) GBU :))

    i want to request u guys that u can download files upto 1gb for free from zbigz so please dont use premium account for files less than 1gb as sometimes others get logged out from the account
    i hope u guys understand

    and please please please please DONT DELETE OTHERS FILES……

  12. Thank you very much sir! 😀

    Guys, if your download files are deleted and you’ve downloaded a bit of the file and it stops. In IDM you can right click on the file and click properties and change the address. You have upload the file again in zbigz and this time not download it but copy the address and paste it in that address. You’re welcome people. Happy downloading.

  14. thanks guys, i have a request guys please dont delet files

  15. Thanks a lot @admin.
    This is awesome a premium account for free!!! Yay!!!! Thanks again.

  16. Many thanks Friend for ur Service to everyone.
    May Almighty Allah bless u.

  17. Guys Stop deleting others files .. don’t be selfish this is stupied behavior there is a storge for all of us

  18. thanks man!!! its working… please keep posting…

  19. Works great. God Bless you.

    Guys…Dont change password :-/ Dont be greedy and selfish.

  20. hi!! thanks so much man!!! bless you!!

  21. Perfectly working! Thank you so much for giving-out your premium account. The 9 links ads worth the wait..

    The only problem is.. some users delete the files. 🙁

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