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Free Zbigz Premium Account 2018 without survey

Free Zbigz Premium Account 2018 without survey Today we are share with you Zbigz Premium ...


  1. thanks for sharing. very appreciate it. working perfectly!

  2. Who the f*ck is deleting the files time and time again. I’ve been trying to download 26 GB content for the past 2 days. Each time, my download was stopped at 80-89%. This has happened 3 times and I have wasted 60 GB data on it. Do you have any idea how infuriating that is ? Some people have limited Broadband data man. Please stop deleting people’s files !

  3. dontbeselfishfu*k*rs

    dont be a selfish fu*k*r who deletes files and constantly change password

    • Here is Unlimited Storage Space so please guys don’t delete other users file and don’t try to change password.
      you use and help to use others

  4. guys please stop delete other people files……


  6. I can see lots of people adding non-seeded torrent files, thinking there are going to download at full speed!! you are just wasting your time waiting for this torrent files to be downloaded, if it’s downloading whit a speed as much as couple Ko what wasting time here I would rather prefer launching it in my own client and get as soon as it finished downloading. This service is full well seeded torrent!

    I really would take time to thank you for the service you are providing it’s really a great help especially whit big torrents, thank you very much; and I would like to ask you a question, is the torrent files we download are still uploading I mean is it useful to use this sevice to download torrent from private trackers?

  7. Thank You very Much working like a charm

  8. This trick will help users who are facing problems like their files getting removed from zbigz.

    Trick is: first of all create account at uptobox or userscloud (both are 100% free).
    After caching complete in zbigz, now paste the direct download link of torrent from zbigz into remote url upload of uptobox or userscloud & click upload.
    so u can download there (which site u uploaded) even your files got deleted in zbigz. 🙂

    • Do I have to zip the torrent file after completing if it includes multiple files?
      Because I trying it and I think it’s gonna work and I am wonder if I can not zip it.
      And what a brilliant idea this is, as userscloud is giving an unlimited storage and 30 days until the file is deleted which is great!! Thank you for you recommendation.

  9. You are the best bro i been searching for this for a year and suddenly i came in to your site then boom hahahah Thank you you save me hahaha 😀

  10. The best bro…Almost everytime i could download at my highest speed…Although a lot of users caching the files at the same time…but it is not a prob cos we’re getttig it for free…Keep updated Admin. Thanx

  11. Can’t say how much to thank you, with this one too I get logged out every 10 seconds but still thanks!!! Got frustrated and was about to leave when your yesterday updated bytebx account was not working after 9 link redirects….

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